Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring has come (with pollen....)

It's been warm here in Tokyo for a couple of days.

A little bit too warm for this time of the year, as it got 23 degrees, which is the temperature for May. 
I have this Love-Hate feeling for spring. 
I love it because it's warm enough so you don't have to cover your cute outfit with a heavy jacket, and as a Japanese, I must mention cherry blossom "sakura".
But pollens from pine trees, you, you don't belong to this pretty season. I'm allergic to you. You make me cry, you make me...sneeze.
I don't know how many tissue papers I've used. I'm constantly blowing my nose, and that also takes away make-ups and sebum (not only the excess!), which leaves me a quite awful look. 

I can't really taste anything fully right now because of the stuck nose, but let's talk about something yummy.

Strawberries are definitely one of the "taste of spring" food.
I haven't made it for a long time since my childhood, but I decided to make some strawberry milk.


   Crush them with spoon. (we have this spoon made just for it!)
   Add some milk and sugar for additional sweetness.


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